About the Royal Homes

About the Royal Homes

The Royal Homes provides independent living for 76 women in self-contained, affordable flats at Queen Alexandra’s Court Wimbledon.

Who is eligible to live in the Homes?

Our residents are all widows, former wives or single daughters of Officers or Warrant Officers of the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force and for women who are retired Officers or Warrant Officers of those services. Residents must usually be able to look after themselves and their flats.  Residents are mostly aged 60 and over. No pets are allowed at the Homes.

Find out more about who is eligible to live at the Homes.

The History of the Homes

The Royal Homes were originally created as Homes for Officers’ Widows and Daughters following an appeal by SSAFA founder Colonel Gildea in 1899. With the support of Queen Alexandra and the general public, the founders of the Homes began to search for suitable homes for the many women and their children already in need of help. As they found nothing suitable they decided to purchase our current site in Wimbledon and build self-contained apartments on the freehold land.
The first women and children moved into the Homes in 1904 and since then, as the work of SSAFA has changed to meet different demands, so have the Homes adapted to meet the different circumstances of these women.

Our unique history means that at the Royal Homes we are fortunate to be able to provide our residents with a beautiful place to live at a reasonable cost.

Vacancies at the Homes

There is currently some accommodation available at the Homes. Contact us to find out more.