Eligibility for the Royal Homes

Eligibility and our residents

To be eligible for accommodation at the Royal Homes, our residents should be:

  • Member and former members of all ranks of the Armed Forces including other eligible beneficiaries and dependants.
  • Able to look after themselves and their flats, with medical certificates to confirm their state of health.

The charitable nature of the Homes means that priority is given to those who are most in need of accommodation. All applications to live in the homes are considered individually and we consider many factors, including the Service connection of any potential new residents.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible to stay in the Royal Homes contact our team to find out more.

Help with staying at the Royal Homes

While many of the residents at the Homes are getting older, we try to make sure they can continue to live in their flats for as long as they wish to, or are able to do so.

When it is no longer possible for residents to continue to live at the Royal Homes we will give residents all possible assistance to move to suitable alternative accommodation.