Costs for residents at the Royal Homes

Costs for residents

Our residents pay a standard maintenance charge for their accommodation, this includes:

  • Nominal rent
  • Maintenance contribution
  • Utility charge

From 1st January to  31st December 2019 this charge is:

  • £6,710.39 p.a. for a studio flat
  • £6,850.27 p.a. for a one bedroom flat
  • £8,300.40 p.a. for a two bedroom flat.

Housing and Council Tax benefits

Some of our residents are entitled to Housing Benefit and Council Tax benefits to meet some of these costs. The Homes manager can help residents to claim their entitlements.

Residents are responsible for the cost of their own electricity, telephone and Council Tax. Housing and Council tax benefit cannot be used to meet these costs.

Financial assistance

Potential residents who are on a low income are able to use these benefits to cover the cost of living at the Royal Homes.  Our team will always help residents to find out about all financial assistance available, including support from SSAFA and benevolent organisations.

Contact us with any questions about costs and financial assistance.